...For Mama

I feel since this blog is about relationships, writing about my family, friends, colleagues, etc...and expressing my love for them wouldn't be a crime. 

Here's a poem for mama, who'll be a year older tomorrow (15th, September).

And this poem is dedicated to all the mamas in the world...with love.


Dearest Mama,

I just write to let you know
What's on my mind

Bringing me to the world with groans

I can imagine what it's like

For the seeds of love you've sown

You're one of a kind

For the toughest times you've known

It's fresh in my mind

For the times I don't listen to you
You love me still

And the times that I trouble you

You keep loving me

Oh! and the times that I fell sick

You knew no sleep

Or the times that I weep

You weep and weep

And those times that I'm lost
You are on your feet

Even at times of failures

You believe in me

For all my mistakes

You have an answer

And all my pains

You find the healer

I remember when I really cried
Oh how you cried too
And when I laughed

I see you laugh too

You never want to see me sad

It makes you seem a failure
And when I'm so sad

Your encouragement stands sure

You see me as the best

Especially when I don't see

You say I'm better than the rest

That you're proud of me

A mother like the one I want to be
How could I ever, thank you enough?
Through your examples to me
learned to be strong and tough

You taught me how to stand up for myself
When life brings its ups and downs
Taught me the best value in life
And how to stand really strong

Each year I'm extra happy on your birthday
it reminds me of God's gift to me
I want to celebrate you day by day
a mum, and friend who's always there for me

To say that I love you so
Is not enough to show

How much my love goes

For you and you alone

Dearest mama

Happy birthday...
May the good Lord

Keep you day by day
May you live long
To eat the fruit of your doings
In laughter and joy

In your goings and comings

Lots of Love...


  1. First, I say Amen...to you prayer said at the tail of your poem. And now I must let you know that It gives me so much conviction that a child that is mercifully breastfed for at least 2 (two) interrupted years would only demonstrate the kind of true love and appreciation that you have shown here...reminds me of my own beautiful Mama.

    I share in your joy and happiness for your 'Good Mother' and wish her long life and prosperity!

    On a final note, I see you have a new template design for your blog. I like this one too...better I would say...You are such an imaginatively creative kind!


  2. Adeola, you have a way with words...it just shows the poetic you. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your stopping by at the blog once a while. God bless

  3. @Isqil: Glad you love it. Thanks

  4. Ooooops!...U'r welcome...it's my pleasure. And why do I follow a Blog of interest to me?...U shuld know now...I always know when you got a new post...so I read 'mmediately to update my Brain!...and kip doin it baby coz I love lines and words that take me on a romantic adventure...Amen...God bless you too!


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