Valuing Others

"... love your neighbour...” - Mark 12:31 NKJV

“By truly valuing others... you believe in them before they believe in you, serve them before they serve you, love them before they love you, and give to them without expecting anything in return”

There are two things we should never do.: First, to expect to feel fully at home in this world, because '... we are citizens of heaven... ' (Philippians 3:20 NLT), and second, to become so heavenly minded that we are no earthly use. The 'salt' and 'light' principles Jesus taught call for us to influence and illuminate others for good and for God. That means taking responsibility to do things better at home, on the job, and in all our dealings. If the only people you show genuine care for are in your church, your salt isn't flavouring and your light isn't dispelling darkness.

Christ's command to 'Love your neighbour' includes the less-than-lovable. And you only love others when you add value to their lives! You may ask, 'How do I do that?' Here are four suggestions. First, by truly valuing them. That calls for believing in them before they believe in you, serving them before they serve you, loving them before they love you, and giving to them without expecting anything in return. Second, by making yourself more valuable. You can't give what you don't have, so you must earn and grow in order to give and guide. Third, by knowing what they value. What happens when you're interested only in your own agenda?

You know very little about the people around you. Make others' priorities your priorities. Ask to hear their stories. Discover their hopes and dreams. Make their success part of your mission.

Finally, by doing things that God values. When your life is done, what will you have lived for? Eventually, everything on earth will turn to dust - including you! So give yourself to things that will last beyond your lifetime.

Source: The Word For Today


  1. Truly, I believe we should give unconditional love to people who are distanced from us...this is what I mean Bukky...We should not love just "the near and the dear ones", but most of all people who are different and distant from us. I am myself many others; my "ego" is a field of relations, fight, struggle among request and many wishes. In this sense, the individual I meet is the other one that is already in me. Accepting whoever is out of me means to go through the eternity that is in myself...Thanks once again for Sharing...God Bless you!

  2. many people are being love by someone that are dear to them..but we should put in mind that loving someone is not really that easy we must love other people before ourselves. we are made to love and followed by a love from other people.. if someone love us according to our plan it is better but if not be thankful enough because its according to God's plan.

  3. @ Destiny Faith E. Dojello: Good points there....and many thanks for stopping by. Cheers


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