A Bleeding Heart

On a sunny day, the other day

I met a friend, our friend

Who was sure, arrogantly sure

That you are in my house, our house

Preparing that wonderful meal, our meal

Even this never be

Friends do tell me

You have now a good man, a good life

And here on my bed

I recall still every word you said

Words with memories, memories of joy

But every time I tried to let go of you

The more I think of you

Every time I tried to move on

The difficult it becomes

So I ask,

Could you be meant for me

Could I be blind to see it

Could we be sure of nothing in common

What if we were wrong about everything

Can we change anything

Again I ask,

Could that be my baby you are feeding

Could that be my clothes you are wearing

Could that be my home you come to everyday

What if we’ve taken the wrong way

Can we go back the right way

Where are the answers

In whose heart are the answers lurking

PS: God has a divine arrangement that often bring us to our "missing ribs." the simplicity of the process, procrastination and the fear of making commitments make us misuse the opportunity in some cases. We allow the person to slip right through our grasp and walk out of our life. When it's time for us to move on, we find out that we are still attached to the person we didn't really value before and cannot really make amends because everything is now out of our control. This then prompt us to start asking questions; questions that we alone can answer....

By Tunji Ogunjimi

***This poem forms part of the comments for my last article: 'Should I Take the Risk?'


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