I Believe...

I recently had 'What is life without Love?' as my status on Facebook and guess the responses I got. Someone wrote it's like tea without sugar, another wrote it's like a sounding cymbal, again another asked if I know anything about love, etc...but the one that struck is that from someone who wrote it's freedom from jealousy, hatred, lies, disappointment and so on. I was like...this is serious!

But really, what is life without love? Can we survive a day without love? Can we live, move, talk, see, laugh, cry, hate, think, write, love, forgive, give, abuse, friend, drink, eat, sit, stand. marry...without love.

Let's think deeply!

When someone you love offends you, you get very bitter and disappointed.
You accept to eat somebody's food just for the love you have for them.
You can't afford to loose your mum...and you (think) you live for your children.
It takes love to stand up for someone when he/she is cheated
You love your country so much you can't bear it when the US blacklisted her
Because of our love for life, our prayer was (on 31st) that we'll live to see the new year so we can rebuild, remold, renew and repent.

And I ask again, how many of us despite going through difficult moments will agree to stand in front of a moving vehicle to be crushed and end it all?

I bet no one...except if the person is not in the right frame of mind.

In love we live, move and have our being...

I doubt there's anyone that can live or move without love.

Fine, it's the absence of jealousy, hatred, disappointment ...like someone commented on my status ...but all of those contribute to what makes life life..and the ability to see these things through the eyes love is the ability to live (because love bears, endures all things), and the ability to be hopeful (because God is love and he gives life abundantly).

So this new year, live, love and be loved!

Love you still.


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