Thank You... MY LOVE

I can't help saying thank you to MY LOVE...

I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you love me...deeply, greatly, unconditionally.

Yours is nothing compared to what others think they feel for me. Yours is beautiful, tolerant, enduring, fulfilling, captivating, moving, touching, sacrificing...

Your love never fails. It is FOREVER

It's so great that you could give your life for me; and oh, how blessed I am to know you'd do that again and again.

Friends will leave; brothers, sisters, parents will go - but you, My LOVE will stay- through thick and thin; through the storms, winds, happiness, sorrow, odd times and good times.

I'm living because of you - My LOVE; my WORLD; my ALL.

What can I give in return?

You don't eat what I eat. And even if you do, you'd gladly give it all to me and go on an empty stomach just so I can be filled.

You don't wear what I wear. You'd rather clothe me and go on without clothes just so I'm covered.

I can't even pay for all you've done. I can't. I just can not.

You are irreplaceable and incomparable.

And surprisingly, for all you've done and still do, all you want from me is a simple 'Thank You'.


- for the joy you bring me

- for the peace you give me

- for the people you surround me with

- for the life that I live

- for the grace to breath, sleep, wake up, urinate, defaecate, see, talk, type, write, walk, laugh, cry

- for the storms - cause you'll save me

- for rough pathways - cause you're with me

- for each and every new second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year

- for December the month of LOVE

I'm loving you more and more each and every day - for the gift of this new day...and days to come

Thank you...MY LOVE and MY GOD.

You know, I'm loving the Americans more and more, especially as they know how to say thank you. Declaring a day in November just to say thank you to their maker is something every nation in the world should covet.

Say thank you to Him today. And be like him - show great, unconditional love to friends, family, enemies, me and yourself.

Welcome to the month of joy, merriment, and love.

Happy December.

Love thoughts.


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