1 Magnificient Year

This blog was born a year ago, precisely on May 8. I'm glad that God's given me the strength to come this far. Though a year now, I believe it will grow and still exist many many years to come. More importantly, I believe it will grow to become a website... and a print media.

Thanks to all the lovers of this blog. Thanks, for reading my write-ups, for contributing and more importantly for believing in me. God bless you.

I could remember when I started, a friend tried to talk me out of it. She told me the starting point is usually interesting but as time go on, it's easy to loose interest because of busy schedules and lack of inspiration. She said she started one too, but she had to abandon it for this same reasons. I'm happy glad I didn't give in to her views. Not that she doesn't like what I was doing or she's talking out of envy. The truth is, I agree with her. There are moments of discouragements...when it comes to updating the blog. No inspiration. No time. But what I did was make up my mind to let nothing stop me. If I'm starting, then I'll finish it and even pass it on to generations unborn.

I still have more to share on relationships. More on love and more on life. I will try and do more than I've been doing...
I have a passion for love and I love my passion. I love building relationships, I love hearing about weddings. I love seeing a happy family. I love my family and I love to have a happy, exemplary and admirable family.

Why? Because love makes the world go round. We live for love. Anyone that has no love is as bad as a walking corpse. Love brings joy to the soul. And when the soul is joyful, the body is healthy and the spirit is lifted and willing. Willing to go very far... in life.

Love is a medicine for the soul. Search for it. Get it. Own it. Keep it. Treasure it. Don't loose it. Flaunt it. Use it. Believe it. Nurture it. And love it forever and ever.
I'll bring you more on love. Till then, keep on loving!


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