Obama and LOVE

Hiiii...Long time. It's been a while. I've not blogged for over 3 weeks now - it's because I've been busy, y'know. Very busy. I have loads of stuff to write about but I pray I have time to write them. Let me use this opportunity to thank you all for your responses on my last post - It's Sacred, Yet Abused' - Thank you, thank you, thanks a million. I'll bring the part 2 soon...

A lot of bloggers have written what Obama's win means to them - even 'skypers' have sent theirs. I don't disagree with anyone, but I know what it means to me. Hmm! But what does it mean to me? Before I say what it means to me, let me congratulate the black race for this outstanding and life-time victory. It'll forever remain in our memory - we are black and we're strong; able to take the most powerful seat in the world...
Here's what Obama's win means to me... I was sitting in my hotel room at Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai at about 5am Dubai time (2am Nigeria time) and I saw whites and blacks who love Obama cast their vote. I saw people giving their all (energy, time etc) to see Obama win.

I watched live, how Mitchell's gaze was fixated to the TV before her husband was declared president elect. I saw how Jesse Jackson wept when Obama was declared president elect. I saw how Mitchell looked at her husband when they all came out for Obama to give his first speech after he was declared winner...I saw it all and I thought...This is LOVE at work.

You don't agree with me? Then listen. If the black race was not so loved, then when Obama made his intention known, they'd probably have assasinated him or discouraged him. If he was not assasinated or refused to be discouraged, then he wouldn't have all the support he had; and above all if he was not loved and supported by Mitchell (his wife), he'd have failed. It was love that kept me awake all night on the day of the election to see a black man take the powerful seat (LOL). When (MKO) Abiola's real wife (Simbi), according to reports, didn't support her husbands intention, did he not fail? Even at Simbi's death, Abiola still failed - because Simbi was not in support of his intentions...What am I saying? Love make things work for you. Period. When you're loved, then you'll have a good state of mind and you'll do things right. LOVE makes you a WINNER.

Now, now, hope you agree with me a little....

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